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About Our Bequest
Management Practice

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD has a dedicated team of attorneys and professionals focused entirely on Bequest Management. Our team understands the importance of planned giving to non-profits and charities and is dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of your donors while maximizing your gifts and minimizing administrative costs and burdens.

We Work as a Team to Advance Your Work

Established in June 2017, CCK’s Bequest Management practice is dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of charitable donors while maximizing gifts and minimizing administrative costs and burdens for non-profit organizations and charities nationwide.  CCK is committed to delivering high-quality service on behalf of the charities and non-profit organizations we serve.

CCK’s Bequest Management group works to ensure prompt and full distribution of intended testamentary gifts to charities and non-profit organizations while also respecting and following the intentions of donors.

Our Bequest Team

J. Scott Kilpatrick

Scott is a Founding Partner of CCK.  He is a seasoned trial attorney and his practice focuses on civil litigation, including insurance disputes and general litigation.   Scott has successfully litigated hundreds of complex and high stakes damages cases.  His diverse experience base serves as an advantage for the firm’s clients in a broad range of matters, including insurance, business, and disputes over wills, trusts and other instruments.

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Lindsey Yates-Grimley

Lindsey Yates-Grimley joined CCK in June of 2020 as Director of Bequest Management. Lindsey has considerable professional and technical expertise in gift planning and a background in finance.

As Director of Bequest Management, Lindsey ensures active attention to every donor’s intentions, thus maximizing and accelerating the realization of bequests for our non-profit clients. Lindsey oversees CCK’s Bequest Management team, which is composed of skilled legal and administrative professionals, working together to collect, organize, analyze gift documents, and facilitate bequest management solutions non-profits and charities nationwide.

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Cathy A. Derrig

Cathy has served in many capacities over the course of her 36 years at CCK. She has mastered each area in which she has served, and built, trained, and lead teams throughout CCK. She currently serves as the Bequest Administration Manager, overseeing the administration and systems of CCK’s Bequest Management practice.

Prior to her role as the Bequest Administration Manager, Cathy oversaw the operation of almost every non-legal aspect of the firm during her long tenure as CCK’s Office Manager.  Her vast knowledge of all things CCK brings an unmatched level of understanding and insight to all projects with which she is involved. She oversees active and expert management of CCK’s Bequest Management caseload, ensuring prompt, systematic collection, documenting, and entry into our case management database, so that cases can be managed accurately and consistently in accordance with our non-profit clients’ protocols. Cathy also oversees the development of each client’s custom dashboard experience providing access to their bequest caseload, and the ability to run status reports and projections with nearly real-time precision.

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