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Handling Receipts and Releases: Are You Prepared?

We are proud to publish the fifth and final volume of our bequest management e-book series.  Handling Receipts and Releases: Are You Prepared? is available now for free download!

Releases, receipts, and other similar documents that organizations are expected to sign in connection with the distribution of charitable bequests can seem troublesome.  In many situations, these instruments create enforceable legal obligations for the charity.

This e-book is meant to pull the curtain back on common documents that charities are asked to sign while receiving gifts from a decedent’s estate.  We will explain the significance of these instruments; offer practical advice on how and when to push back against demanding executors; and suggest some conditions in which charities should not accept even when a gift is at stake.

Handling Receipts and Releases - Are You Prepared eBook cover

What You Will Learn in Volume 5

  • Whether charities should sign a receipt for a bequest;
  • What a “refunding bond” is and whether your organization should agree to it;
  • The purpose of corporate resolutions;
  • What the phrase “indemnify, defend, and hold harmless” really means;
  • Helpful suggestions for nonprofits when they reach a stalemate with an executor who refuses to make a distribution without a risk-shifting of some sort;
  • And more.

Thank you for reading this five-part e-book series.  Follow our LinkedIn page for previous e-book editions, exclusive articles, updates on our practice, helpful tips, and about how we can help your philanthropic organization further its mission!

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