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Event Contracts – What Charity Managers Need to Know

Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts – Part 3

CCK Bequest Management announces that the final volume of our first-ever eBook series, Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts, is now available for free download!

This three-part series, concluding with Event Contracts, is intended to help fundraisers avoid serious mistakes related to fundraising contracts.  Each part focuses on one of the three most common types of revenue-raising agreements in a clear, readable form, and contains invaluable insider tips from CCK’s experienced professionals.

In case you missed them, Part 1: Sponsorship Agreements and Part 2: Cause Marketing are available for download now.


What You Will Learn in Part 3:

  • The essential features of an event contract.
  • How to calculate “anticipated room revenue,” why it is important, and common mistakes to avoid when drafting contract provisions on rooming rates and revenue.
  • Why you must be extra-attentive to dates, meeting spaces, and catering revenue in your contract.
  • Discretionary cancellations that may not be covered by a “force majeure” clause, and the critical cancellation provision you MUST include.
  • Force majeure clauses, their effect on event contracts, and how best to handle a force majeure claim.
  • Risk-shifting clauses: what they mean and which ones are especially dangerous.

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