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Cause Marketing

Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts – Part 2

CCK Bequest Management announces that part two of our first-ever eBook: Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts, is now available for free download!

This three-part series, continuing with Cause Marketing Agreements, is intended to help fundraisers avoid serious mistakes related to fundraising contracts.  Each part focuses on one of the three most common types of revenue-raising agreements in a clear, readable form and contains invaluable insider tips from CCK’s experienced professionals.

In case you missed it, Part 1: Sponsorship Agreements is available for download now.

Triumph or Tragedy with fundraising agreements: Cause Marketing Contracts eBook

What You Will Learn in Part 2:

  • What cause marketing is, including how it started and the ways in which it has evolved.
  • The meaning of “Commercial Co-Venture” (CCV) and how it relates to cause marketing.
  • The two approaches states take to CCV regulation and why charities need to pay attention. The subjects of CCV regulation, including the most common state requirements.
  • An explanation of unrelated business income (UBI) as it relates to cause marketing.
  • Practical advice for avoiding (or minimizing) UBI in CCV cases.
  • Issues associated with trademarks and the shelf-life of products used in a CCV promotion.

Coming soon: Part 3: Event Agreements

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