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Sponsorship Agreements

Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts – Part 1

CCK Bequest Management announces its first-ever eBook: Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts, now available for free download!  This three-part series, beginning with Sponsorship Agreements, is intended to help fundraisers avoid serious mistakes related to fundraising contracts.  Each part focuses on one of the three most common types of revenue-raising agreements in a clear, readable form and contains invaluable insider tips from CCK’s experienced professionals.

Be on the lookout for Part 2: Cause Marketing Agreements and Part 3: Event Agreements, coming soon!

Triumph or Tragedy with Fundraising Contracts: Part 1, Sponsorship Agreements

What You Will Learn in Part 1:

  • An introduction to qualified sponsorship payments.
  • How qualified sponsorship payments are important and beneficial to your charity.
  • The ways a sponsorship payment may be – and may not be – subject to unrelated business income taxes.
  • Risks in the exchange of advertising for sponsorships.
  • Important tips for drafting agreements for sponsorship payments.
  • How a nonprofit should navigate indemnification and related risk-shifting provisions.
  • How to avoid selling your charity short in a sponsorship agreement.

Coming soon: Part 2: Cause Marketing Agreements

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