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Why Should Gift Planners Care About the EPA?

Thank you for opening the fourth volume of CCK Bequest Management‘s e-book series! Based on your interest in “Problematic” Gifts: Getting Comfortable With Non-Routine Bequests, our team thought you might appreciate some additional reading material on the topic.

The CCK Bequest Management team has written a piece on one specific type of “problematic” gift that your charity may encounter: gifts of Business Realty.  Delve deeper into what a charity can do to manage such gifts using Donor Advised Funds, and learn how they relate to a new regulation promulgated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We hope you enjoy this exclusive content for our newsletter recipients.  Stay tuned for volume five of our bequest management e-book series, The Devil in the Details: Navigating Receipts and Releases, which will be released in March!

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