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To Sue or Not to Sue?

The CCK Bequest Management team is pleased to see you enjoyed the most recent volume of our e-book series, When Things Go South: Dealing with Litigation.  Based on your interest in our last e-book, we thought you might appreciate some additional reading material on the topic.

As such, the CCK Bequest Management team has written a piece that delves deeper into what happens when probate is disrupted by a legal challenge. The piece examines two real-world examples where an organization had the option to take legal action. It explains which path they took and provides our thoughts on that decision.

We hope you enjoy this additional content!  Stay tuned for the release of our next e-book, Problematic Gifts: Getting Comfortable with Non-Routine Bequests.

In the meantime, head to our LinkedIn for more exclusive content, CCK updates, and industry-related news.

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