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Gearing Up for Bequests: Planning for the Planned Gift

We are excited to announce CCK Bequest Management’s new e-book series!  The first volume, “Gearing Up for Bequests: Planning for the Planned Gift,” is available now for free download.

This multi-part series aims to help nonprofits navigate uncertain or confusing areas of the bequest management process.  Each volume will focus on one of these areas in hopes of aiding charitable organizations in handling their bequests.

In Volume I, CCK’s experienced Bequest Management team will break down these topics in an easy-to-understand and highly informative format.

What You Will Learn in Volume I:

  • The two separate phases of bequest management: pre-mortem and post-mortem;
  • How to anticipate and avoid problems with matured bequests;
  • Whether gift planners should talk with bequest “prospects” about bequest management;
  • How involved gift planners should be in estate settlement;
  • Whether the residuum of a charitable gift annuity is a bequest or not;
  • Essential information on making a good record-keeping system for matured bequests;
  • Why nonprofits may find it necessary to outsource their bequest management;
  • Issues that charities tend to miss when managing bequests themselves;
  • And more.

Volume 2, “When the Bequest Matures: Taking the First Steps without Missteps,” will be published in September.

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