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“Problematic” Gifts: Getting Comfortable with Non-Routine Bequests.

CCK Bequest Management Series – Volume 4

We are proud to publish volume 4 of our e-book series on bequest management.  “Problematic” Gifts: Getting Comfortable with Non-Routine Bequests is available now for free download!

Some charities are uncomfortable with non-cash bequests because they are reluctant to tackle the unfamiliar.  But, by not accepting non-cash bequests, your organization may miss out on large distributions from illiquid assets.

This volume is intended as a primer on several types of bequests that many charities consider “problematic.”  Whether the gift is an IRA, real estate, artwork, or something else, the effort in obtaining them is often worth it.

Problematic Gifts Getting Comfortable with Non-Routine Bequests eBook Cover

What You Will Learn in Volume 4:

  • If charities should accept real estate bequests;
  • Risk management strategies for real estate gifts;
  • What happens when a charity does not know about the existence of a “POD” account;
  • How a charity can determine the value of mineral interest gifts;
  • How charities should handle mineral interest gifts;
  • Whether a charity should accept a gift of a business interest;
  • And much more!

Keep a lookout for Volume 5, which will be published in March!

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