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When Things Go South: Dealing with Litigation

CCK Bequest Management Series – Volume 3

We are excited to publish our Bequest Management e-book series’ third volume, “When Things Go South: Dealing with Litigation.” This e-book is available now for free download!

Our e-book series aims to help nonprofit organizations navigate challenging areas of the bequest management process.  Each volume will focus on a different topic.  We hope that our series will help charitable organizations effectively handle their matured bequests.

This volume focuses on the minority of estates where probate is disrupted by a legal challenge.  Many estates are settled with little trouble, and this can give charitable organizations a false sense of security.  CCK’s Bequest Management team delves into some of the questions organizations may have about litigation and offers some tips on how to navigate these stressful situations.

When Things Go South Dealing With Litigation

What You Will Learn in Volume 3:

  • Whether charitable organizations should get involved in estate litigation;
  • What “no-contest clauses” are and whether charities should worry about them;
  • What to do if a charity has information that could undercut their status as a beneficiary;
  • Whether a charity’s in-house lawyer can litigate a will contest;
  • Whether planned giving records can be used in probate litigation;
  • And much more.

Volume 4, “Problematic Gifts: Getting Comfortable with Non-Routine Bequests” will be published in December.

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