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When the Bequest Matures: Taking the First Steps Without Missteps

We are excited to continue our Bequest Management e-book series with Volume 2: “When the Bequest Matures: Taking the First Steps Without Missteps,” which is available now for free download!

This e-book series aims to help nonprofits navigate uncertain or confusing areas of the bequest management process.  Each volume focuses on one of these areas.  We hope that these e-books will aid charitable organizations in handling their bequests.

In Volume 2, CCK’s experienced Bequest Management team will discuss some common issues that happen early in the bequest process.  These issues can potentially delay or, in some cases, threaten the receipt of the intended gift.  This easy-to-read and informative resource is meant to help charities with issues for which the answers may not be apparent.

What You Will Learn in Volume 2:

  • Whether a charity can ever inherit from an intestate estate;
  • What a charity should do once they receive a notice of probate;
  • Whether charities should sign waivers of notice of probate;
  • Why a charity would ever object to a will;
  • What a charity should look for when reviewing a will;
  • Whether a charity should ever object to the appointment of a particular executor;
  • Whether charities should serve in a fiduciary capacity;
  • The doctrine of ademption and when it poses an issue for charities;
  • And more.

Volume 3, “When Things Go South: Dealing with Litigation,” will be published in November. 

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